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3 top recruitment tips for businesses in 2018

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3 top recruitment tips for businesses in 2018

As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 it’s no secret that the New Year is often a busy time for recruitment.

So how can you make sure your recruitment efforts in 2018 are successful? Here are our top tips!

Candidate Surge 

Did you know that one in four employees are preparing to change jobs in the New Year? With this record figure it’s unsurprising that there will be many companies whose recruitment processes will not be prepared to deal with this. It is worth considering using an agency to narrow the candidates down to the most relevant one’s for you.

Introducing AI 

As many people are already aware, AI is a new technology that is going to take the world by storm in 2018. It can be brought into the recruitment process and a number of well-known companies are already using it.Whilst some people may find the idea of it a little daunting it’s actually relatively simple. Essentially algorithms will be able to see if the candidate is a good enough fit to move to the next phase, saving time and significantly improving the hiring process. This will allow you to spend less time weeding out the candidates that don’t fit and spend more time on those that do, ultimately improving productivity. We expect many companies will embrace the use of algorithms in 2018.

Stand Out 

Making sure that you stand out as an employer in 2018 will be vital. One way you can do this is using testimonials and a careers section on your website. Try to show your company culture and include video testimonials. These are great for encouraging people thinking of joining your company.

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