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6 tricks to running a great interview

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6 tricks to running a great interview

Conducting an interview isn’t easy. In fact, even though the content of the interview is mainly coming from the person you are interviewing, the responsibility for guiding and making it worthwhile comes from the interviewer.

It is more than just asking questions. So here are our top tips you can use to run a great interview for you and your candidate:

Ask questions that relate to skills 

If someone is interviewing for an administration or front of house role then ask about things they do outside of work that show organization. You can learn a lot about someone this way and whether they would be a good fit for the job.

Explain the stages 

At the start of an interview explain how it will work. A typical interview follows this format:

  • Introducing the role and company

  • Interviewer asks questions about skills

  • Candidate has opportunity to ask questions

  • Show candidate around office and introduce the team 

Let the candidate do the talking 

Although you are going to want to make sure you lead the interview, it is said that the interviewer should only be doing 30-40% of the talking. The rest of the time should be filled by the candidate answering questions or them being shown around.

Culture fit 

it is important to make sure the candidate is a good culture fit for your workplace. Try to ask them questions about their hobbies and interests to work this out. Introducing them to the team in a tour of the office is also a good way to do this as the team can help you judge if they will get along with a person well.

Take notes

whether it’s when a candidate is talking so that you can write a question to ask them later, or to make note of their answers so you can clearly remember what they said, this is important.

Remember, an interview is a conversation not an interrogation! 

A candidate is likely to be nervous, even if they put on a convincing confident mask. Make sure they you word the questions as a conversation by asking them to expand on their answers. Try not to quick fire a question at them as soon as they answer another one.

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