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How should you respond to A counter offer?

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How should you respond to A counter offer?

So you’ve decided you want a new job. You’ve sent your CV out and interviewed and bagged yourself that offer. You accept it and hand in your notice at your current job. Maybe you’re sad to be going, maybe not. Then your boss throws in a curveball. They counter offer.

This counter offer may be more than what you’re going for or match it. Should you accept?

Only you can really decide but here are the things you should consider:

Why were you looking to leave?

If you were feeling underappreciated or underpaid, does this new offer fix that? If you’re feeling underappreciated then maybe you need to ask why they wait until you were leaving to offer you a better deal?

What does this counter offer give you that your new potential company does not?

Which offer gives you the most opportunities? Look at the potential for growth and training in both offers. Being given the opportunity to grow and develop can make all the difference in your happiness in a job.

How does this counter offer make you feel?

Do you feel excited that you will be able to stay in your current job? Your feelings and reaction to hearing the counter offer will tell you a lot about whether you should go for it.

Who has made the better offer?

Sometimes, the highest offer isn’t always the best when you take into account the full package. Consider opportunities, training, perks and social benefits of the roles.

Ultimately the choice of whether or not to accept a counter offer is down to you however it is worth bearing all of these things in mind when making your decision.

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