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How to ace a second stage interview

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How to ace a second stage interview

So you nailed your first interview and now you’ve been invited back for a second. This one will be different. Where the first interview tested your abilities and personality, the second will be your opportunity to prove what separates you from the competition.

Your interview may be with someone different, for example a Director or Manager.  Or it may be a “panel-style interview” which means you are interviewed by multiple people at the same time. However they are going to do it, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Be prepared – The questions they ask might be more detailed and technical. They may want to give you a test to prove your knowledge. Don’t forget to ask beforehand if you need to bring anything additional, this will vary depending on the industry you work in. They could ask for a presentation, a portfolio, certificates, etc. It is also worth making sure you have the names of all the people interviewing you.

Plan It – Think about the questions you want to ask and the things you might like to learn about the company. The interview is as much about you getting to know them better as it is about them getting to know you. If it helps, prepare a list of questions that you can read from so that you don’t miss anything.

Cultural Fit – They will have probably thought about how you might fit into the team at the first interview, but this will be more in depth one. They may introduce you to more of the people you will work with. This is your chance to see if you think you can imagine yourself working with these people as well.

Clarify – Did you have any questions that you felt you could have answered better, things you wanted to say? This is your chance to improve on your first interview, which must have been good for them to call you back! Take your time and try not to rush your answers. You need to think before you speak.

What Next? – Evaluate how you feel the interview went and don’t forget to send a thank you (you can see some thank you template ideas here). Make sure you ask what the next steps are before you leave. When can you expect to hear from them next? Will there be another interview or will they be making a decision? Are there other people to see?

 Can you think of any other tips that you can use to help you ace a second stage interview? Let us know in the comments below!

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