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How to answer: how would you describe yourself

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How to answer: how would you describe yourself

How would you describe yourself? It’s one of the most popular interview questions but your response is still very important. You need to try to plan your answer in advance. 

Try to take keywords from the job advert to inspire your response. If they are looking for someone who is “Driven and self-motivated” you could say something like the following:

 “I am comfortable working both in a team and alone. For example when I did _____at ____ I proved that I was able to motivate myself to stay focused on the task and complete it independently before the deadline.”

Another example could be for the keywords “organised and a team player”.

“I am organised and reliable. Whilst working for _____ I worked on _____. For the project we had to hit a number of deadlines and work collaboratively to achieve this. This meant I had to be highly organised and be clear on who was dealing with each part to make sure it was a success.”

Other words you could base your description of yourself on would be:

  • flexible
  • detail oriantated
  • reliable
  • communicative
  • creative

Try to include examples of when you showed these qualities to justify them. However you don't want to make it all about the keywords, be sure to personalise your answer to really show who you are.

So how would you answer the question “how would you describe yourself” now? Let us know in the comments below.

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