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How to answer: why are you leaving your current job

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How to answer: why are you leaving your current job

Leaving a job you’ve been in, no matter how long it was for, can be difficult. However, talking about why you are leaving in interviews with potential new employers can also cause issues.

You need to avoid being negative about current or previous employers, whilst also explaining as honestly as you can why you don’t want to work there anymore.

You should be careful with the wording you use and the way you approach this question. Here are some ideas of what you can say for a variety of different reasons:

 “I’m not going anywhere, I feel stuck.”

“Although this job has allowed me to develop my skills at a comfortable pace, I am now looking for a role that can offer me more progression and opportunities to learn.”

 “I’m bored.”

“My current workplace has allowed me to gain a number of useful experiences but I am now looking for a more challenging role in a faster paced environment to give me the chance to learn and develop my skills further.”

 “I want to do something else.”

“Whilst I have enjoyed my current workplace and learnt a lot of new skills I have revaluated what I would like to do moving forward in my career and can really see myself flourishing in a ____ role, like this one.”

 “I was overlooked for promotion.”

“I realised that the opportunity to grow in the company was not available to me and in order to continue to improve professionally I needed to move onto another role.”

 “I don’t like my boss/colleagues”

“Whilst at  ____ I learnt a lot. I would like to move into another role now where I might find a better company culture fit for myself so I can continue to grow in an environment that suits my personality.” 

 Are there any other reasons for leaving a job that you can think of a good way of wording an answer to? Let us know in the comments below.

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