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How to answer: why should we hire you?

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How to answer: why should we hire you?

Are you a hard-working, multi-tasking, highly-organised superhero of a candidate? So why are you panicking when the interviewer asks “why should we hire you”?

Well don’t worry, we all do it.

It can be hard to be put on the spot and asked to sell yourself. After all, what are they really asking here? They want to know what skills and experience you will bring to the company. How do you stand out in comparison to other candidates?

Here are our top tips for how to answer, why should we hire you:

Research, research, research 

Make sure you have looked up everything you can about the company. Know who they are and what they do well enough that you know how you will fit in and benefit them. If you’re not sure how to research a company, check out our blog here.

Know your USP 

Chances are the other candidates you’re up against have similar qualifications and experience to you. So how do you stand out? What is your unique selling point? Try to emphasise this in your answer.

Problem solving 

Did you notice a problem the company is having during your research? Talk about how you could help to solve this and explain your solution. This will give them an idea of how you work and how you can help them.

Be concise 

You want make sure your answer is no longer than a minute or two. Whilst it is good to practise beforehand you need to make sure you leave room for changes to highlight or emphasise skills that the employer suggests are more valuable throughout the interview.

 If you’re looking for a new job then get in touch with your local branch today.