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How a snowy day can help your job search

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How a snowy day can help your job search

Did you wake up to a blanket of snow? This is typically a time when things seem to grind to a halt but whilst the city may be sleeping, there is no better time to keep your job search going!

So grab a hot drink, make yourself cosy and check out our top tips for job searching on a snowy day!

Give your CV a makeover

With all the extra time you have indoors trying to keep warm, there is no better time to improve your CV. Make sure you include all your experience and skills as these are usually the things that employers look for. Keep it to two pages if possible and try to personalise the “Personal Profile” section for each role you’re applying for. Even if you have multiple versions of your CV!

Give them a call

Look back at the companies you have applied to work for. If you haven’t heard from them, take this time as an opportunity to give them a call or email to follow up. You can ask what they thought of your CV and if they have any questions about you or your experience.

Give a little thanks

If you’ve been to an interview, take this time to send a thank you note. We have a blog here which includes thank you templates you can use. If you are registered with recruitment agencies take the time to pop them a message saying thank you for their help so far and how much you appreciate it. Not only will that make them feel great, but it will also bring you to mind first if they have an opportunity become available.

Get searching!

Not only for jobs. You can search for job related blogs (like ours!) to find top tips on what you can be doing.

You can also research companies you would like to work for. If you find them on LinkedIn, you can see their employees listed and work out the best person to contact. You can message them and say that you know there aren’t any current positions but could they keep you in mind in case something comes up. You never know what might happen!

 So even if your day has been brought to a snowy standstill, it doesn’t mean your job search needs to as well! Use your time cleverly and you will be amazed by what you can achieve!