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How to answer: what is your greatest strength?

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How to answer: what is your greatest strength?

Continuing our "How To Answer" interview question series, we're asking if you know how to answer this very common question. "What is your greatest strength?".

It may seem fairly straightforward. You need to pick a strength that you know will benefit the company you are interviewing for.

So how can you make sure your answer comes across well?

  • Make sure it is a strength that is crucial to the position.  As we mentioned before, this is your chance to show the company how you will help them. It may seem like an obvious point but try to pick a skill that they asked for in the job advert.

  • Do some research – Make sure to look at the company’s core values and see what they care about. This will help you to tailor your answer to them better.

  • Make sure that you pick a skill that you can give an example for. Interviewers often follow up with the question “give me an example of this”. You need to make sure you can demonstrate your chosen skill, preferably using a workplace based experience.

  • Try to avoid the typical “I’m a perfectionist”, “I’m organised” and “I’m hard-working”. These are not going to make you memorable.

  • You don’t need to worry about being modest. This is a chance to really show them what you can do. However, you don’t want to go too far the other way and come off cocky. Try to find a happy medium.

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