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How to write the perfect Healthcare cover letter

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How to write the perfect Healthcare cover letter

First impressions really do matter, and not just in a face-to-face in an interview! A good cover letter can be the difference between nabbing that interview and losing their interest.

So what will make your Healthcare cover letter dazzle the hiring manager? Read on to find out!

Be to the point 

The first paragraph of your cover letter should state the purpose. You should include what job you’re applying for and one or two sentences about how your experience matches up with the role.

“I recently learned of Swanstaff’s need for a Registered Nurse and thought I would get in touch as my experience/skills/knowledge lines up with the needs of the role. My experience with _____ provided me with an excellent knowledge of ____, _____ and _____.”

Tailor your letter 

Do some research into the company. It is worth mentioning how you match their core values or goals, perhaps picking a particular one that resonates with you and discussing that.

Stand out 

Tell a story about why you want to do the role. Try to choose a story that is unique and will help them get to know you.  If you haven’t worked before, use a personal story from your home life, and if you have worked, you can use one from the workplace.

Highlight successes 

Don’t just repeat what is on your CV. Use your cover letter to reveal successes you had in a role or during your education. For example:

“When I worked for ______ I learnt a lot about how to provide excellent care. I realised that there was not much opportunity for the patients to do activities if they could not leave their beds, so implemented “Bed Craft Days” with donated art materials. These went down really well with patients and families and allowed me to provide a creative solution to a problem.”

 The most important thing in a cover letter is to let your personality shine through. You need to show why you would be a great fit for their role and team. Can you think of anything else you would want to include in a cover letter for a healthcare job role? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’re looking for a new job then get in touch with Swanstaff today to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect job role to suit you.