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3 myths about working in care

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4 myths about working in care

There are so many myths surrounding working in care and today we’re helping to bust them!

Myth 1 - There Isn’t Any Development Or Progression

This myth couldn’t be more false. In fact, many recruitment agencies and care providers will work to upskill their staff and promote existing staff members where possible. The more skills and experience you have, the more pay you will be on, just like any other job.

At Swanstaff we have our own training team and offer free or discounted training to our agency staff. The more skills they have, the more opportunities we have to place them out so there is in fact a lot of progression wherever you work in care.

 Myth 2 - Care Work In Long Hours On Low Pay

Pay in care work care vary depending on the type of role you are in and what your skills and experience are, however it is not a low paid job.

 The unusual hours that care workers work can be off putting to some people, however the flexible nature of the job (especially within agency work) can be a great option for people trying to fit in working around studying, family or other commitments.

 Myth 3 - Care Work Is Unfulfilling

Despite the negative perception of care work, 96% of carers said that they feel their work makes a difference. In fact, we are sure that many would agree that looking after other people is one of the most rewarding careers a person can choose.

 Are there any other myths around working in care that you can think of? What’s your favourite thing about working in care?

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