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4 top tips for your bank holiday weekend job search

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4 top tips for your bank holiday weekend job search

What are you up to this Bank Holiday weekend? Are you planning pub lunches, days out and barbeques with family and friends? What about your job search?

The excitement of some time off can often mean that most people let their job search slide. So why not take advantage of the lull and get your CV out there ready for Tuesday morning?

Here are our top tips for how to job search over the Bank Holiday weekend:

Start early

It doesn’t have to take up your whole weekend. Choose a morning and dedicate a couple of hours to working on it first thing. This will leave you with enough time to still make the most of the days and the predicted sunny weather!

Update your CV

With this extra time you could to go through your CV and update it with any new skills you might have. Take the time to write a few versions if you are applying for different jobs, tailoring them to the knowledge and experience needed for those roles. You could also write cover letter templates to go with each CV so that all you need to do is add a few bits of information in before sending it.

Look for your dream job

I know that’s probably what you are already doing but what about the companies who aren’t advertising for staff? Research the companies you would love to work for. You can use LinkedIn to find the people who work there and work out the best person for you to contact. So what should you say when contacting someone about a job when there isn’t one advertised? Here is a template you can use:

Good morning _________,

My name is ______ and I am a _________[insert your job title or preferred job title here]. I hope you are well.

I understand that you aren’t advertising a job role like mine at the moment, but I would love to take this opportunity to introduce myself and find a bit more about what I can do to potentially work for you in the future.

I had a look at your company website and I really loved the look of the business. I particularly liked______[give one or two examples of things that made you want to work for them].

For the past ____ years I have worked in_______[detail your experience here]. This has allowed me to pick up a variety of valuable skills including _________[list skills or training you have].

I have attached my CV to this email but please get in touch with me on ______ or email me back if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time

[Your name/signature]

Get in touch with a recruiter - Even if you cannot find the perfect job, send your CV to a good recruiter. Make sure you include a cover letter explaining the type of roles you are interested in and let them know they best way to contact you. This will show your dedication to your search and allow the recruiter to help or direct you to someone else who can help.  You can get in touch with your local Swanstaff recruiter by visiting our branch locator and clicking the “email us” button under your nearest branch.

Dream job calling

 Can you think of any other ways a bank holiday can help your job search?