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5 ways to make your office more productive and inspiring

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5 ways to make your office more productive and inspiring

Having a great office space can be the difference between your staff enjoying their time at work and being excited to get out the door. So how can you make your office space more inspiring without completely redesigning it? It’s more than just a motivational quote on the staff room wall.

Read on to find out our top tips for creating a productive and inspiring office!

  1. Keep things bright and simple. Make sure clutter and paperwork can be tidied into folders, desk organisers and drawers where possible. A clear workspace encourages productivity
  2. Use company colours where possible to introduce colour pops and brighten areas. However you need to remember how different colours influence people and their moods:
  3. Red – This colour brings feelings of passion, aggression and energy

  4. Yellow – This colour is cheerful, friendly and energetic

  5. Green – This colour is natural, stable and refreshing

  6. Blue – This colour is calming, relaxing and serene

  7. Purple – This colour brings about feelings of luxury, drama and creativity

  8. Black – This colour is powerful, intense and strong

  9. White – This colour is clean, simple and does not give energy or a calming influence

  1. Bring the outside in by introducing plants into your office. They don’t have to be real if you have people with allergies however the real ones will help remove pollutants and release more oxygen into the office as well as providing greenery to improve your mood.
  2. Inspiring quotes and wall art. Yes, we said it needs to be more than just the quotes but they are an important part of making a workplace look good and fostering a creative atmosphere.  Don’t overdo it but try to include artwork in your office interior design.
  3. All work and no play. Keeping your staff room or break area fun and relaxing gives your staff the opportunity to get away from their work. Making sure the space offers the opportunity to interact with other staff. This can be done by putting tables and chairs into groups so people can sit together. You could also include a group task or like a ping pong table or stack of board games. 

What else could you do to improve your office look and design?

If you’re looking for a new job in a better workplace, or looking for more staff to bring into your workplace, get in touch with your local Swanstaff team today.