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8 easy staff rewards anyone can do

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8 easy staff rewards anyone can do

Staff rewards are an essential part of an effective employee engagement strategy. They show staff that you value them whilst creating a good working environment and improving retention. Many leaders however struggle to implement them as they need to find incentives that fit their workplace.

With this in mind we have come up with 8 ideas to help your staff feel valued. How many of these do you do?

Provide tea, coffee and fruit. 

It may seem simple but providing you staff with a variety of drinks and healthy snacks can really make a difference.  60% of employees believe their employer should offer fresh fruit to staff in the workplace, according to research by British Summer Fruits.

bowl of fruit

DJ for a Day. 

As a reward for someone who has done particularly well, allow them to be DJ for a day. This could mean letting them pick the radio station for the day or choosing the music style you listen to for a couple of hours. Whatever fits your workplace best.

Monthly award. 

Create an area with a photo frame for a certificate. Each month choose someone who has gone above and beyond to be employee of the month. You could give them a prize for this or just leave the reward as the recognition of have a certificate with their name on up. Either way, your staff will appreciate that you noticed them.

Professional development. 

One of the most important things you can offer your staff is training. Not only does this improve the knowledge within the team and make them more efficient at their job but it also means that they will be more loyal to the company, therefore improving retention. This could be anything from paying for them to go to a course, sending them to a seminar or allowing them the time in the workplace to watch a webinar. It doesn't always have to cost money as some sectors actually have free courses available online. It is worth looking around for this.

Recognise hard work with a thank you note or card. 

Perhaps someone has brought in a new contract or helped another member of staff with their work. You can send them a handwritten thank you note or send an email to your staff letting them know about the excellent work this person has done.

thank you card

Event recognition for birthday, anniversaries and significant days. 

Whether this is sending them a card signed by the office, having the team sing them happy birthday at their desk or remembering things that are happening to them outside of work (such as weddings, births etc). Taking the time to remember these things is important for showing that you value your staff as people rather than just workers.

happy birthday card

Creating a good social scene in your workplace can really help your team bond. 

Arranging social events can be more than just a Christmas party. Try to find interests your staff have in common. You can suggest cinema trips, pizza lunches, drinks nights or going for dinner with staff after work occasionally.

Great office space. 

Having a great office space can be the difference between your staff enjoying their time at work and being excited to get out the door! Allow your staff to personalise their desks and make sure the office is an inspiring place to work. This means more than just putting up a couple of inspirational quotes. You can see our full blog on this here.

 Can you think of any other simple rewards you could introduce into the workplace? Let us know in the comments below.

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