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What it takes to be an agency Healthcare Assistant

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What it takes to be an agency Healthcare Assistant

There are a huge number of Healthcare Assistants working in various setting across the UK, offering care to those in need. The role they do, whilst sometimes difficult, is very rewarding and offers a level of job satisfaction that is hard to find. So what does it mean to be an agency Healthcare Assistant?

To become an agency Healthcare Assistant you need the following qualities:


your job will vary day-to-day so you must be flexible to the needs of the people you care for


you will need to show empathy to everyone you work with from your colleagues to the families of those you care for


you will need to get along with a variety of different people who may need different levels of care


familes and service users will rely on you so you will need to make sure you arrive on time and follow the care plan in place


you must be able to show understanding to people with a variety of needs, in a range of situations


you must be able to self motivate, you cannot just "not feel like it" when caring for someone


you must be able to stay calm and be patient, even when service users are challenging or aggitated 


you should be positive and enthusiastic so that the service users feel comfortable with you

Healthcare Assistants are not only there to support physical safety and care but also emotional wellbeing.

To find out more about what you need to be an agency HCA, check out the infographic below:

What it means to be an agency healthcare assistant infographic