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5 lessons we can learn about job searching from Love Island

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5 lessons we can learn about job searching from Love Island

Now that Love Island has finished, what are we all going to do with our lives at 9pm every night? Are we going to see our friends? Family? Maybe, but one thing we can be certain about, is that everyone will be on their phones still reading up on all things Love Island. Now I’ve sparked your interest, let us talk you through 5 lessons we can learn about job searching from Love Island.

My type on paper

In 2017’s series of Love Island, this was probably the most used phrase in the villa. We saw Olivia Attwood dart from boy to boy trying to find ‘her type’. Have you ever seen a job advert and thought “this is my perfect job, I need to apply right now and find out more about it”? That’s how the Islander’s feel about each other. It’s ok to try out different jobs but just make sure that you have really experienced one before you leave for a new one. You also need to consider if the new role is something you are actually interested in, as too many different jobs and companies on your CV in a short space of time can give an employer the wrong impression… don’t be a job hopper!

olivia attwood love island

Mugged off

Being mugged off in the villa most likely feels like the end of the world for the Islanders. Have you ever felt mugged off because you didn’t get a job you applied for? Pick yourself up, keep your options open and get yourself back out there to make sure you get picked at the next recoupling opportunity!

love island 2017 girls

“I’m not going to put all my eggs into one basket”

This is the most important thing to remember when job searching. It will help you to not feel as down if your application gets declined or you don’t get that one job offer you wanted as you will shortly realise you have other options to fall back on. This year’s Georgia Steel put all her eggs into Josh’s basket and when he came back from Casa Amor he had recoupled with Kaz, leaving Georgia single. However, she eventually found Sam and is happier than ever. Just remember, your perfect job is out there waiting for you to “crack on”.

love island josh and kaz

“I’ve got a text”

I take back my previous comment about “my type on paper”, “I’ve got a text” is definitely the most used phrase in the villa. Every time an islander gets a text they get so excited and shout it loud enough for the whole villa to hear. Is this your reaction when you get a message saying “your application was successful, we would like to invite you to an interview”? If this isn’t your reaction or far from it, you have to think to yourself “am I just applying for jobs I don’t even want for the sake of having a job”.

love island dani dyer

“I’m loyal”

In this year’s Love Island, Georgia Steel had us all in stiches over how many times she could say that she was “loyal” (fun fact, she actually said it 35 times in just one episode). However annoying it was, she was right. This is one of the biggest lessons we can learn. We have to be loyal to the company we work for. If a company has invested it’s time into you with support and training then it’s only right that you always try your best in your job role to get everything out of it before you look for something new. Just remember to keep your company updated if you’re having second thoughts, never leave them in the dark.

love island georgia steele

Think we’ve missed any other lessons? Please let us know in the comments below.

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