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6 things only Healthcare Assistants will understand

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6 things only Healthcare Assistants will understand

Whilst there are a huge number of Healthcare Assistants out there who work in various settings – from care homes to domiciliary – there are a few things they all have in common that only other Carers will understand!

You know you’re a Healthcare Assistant when:

You can never find a pen when you need one 

When we asked Carers this was their top idea! They also said that if you work in domiciliary care, you can’t find a pen when you need it and then end up finding hundreds in your pockets or tunic when you get home but you’re not sure which home or person they came from!

When you try to use your key card to get into your house after a long shift!

Whether it has been a particularly long day shift or a tiring night shift, you’re not the only one who tries to swipe your front door open with your key card! After all it becomes a habit and sometimes you just can’t help it!

You knock on every door before you go in, even at home! 

Yes it’s the polite thing to do but there’s no need to knock on your own living room door before going in. It’s especially awkward if there is someone in there and you have to explain why you’re knocking!

You find disposable gloves in your pockets at random times, such as walking around the supermarket! 

Whilst disposable gloves are handy and absolutely one of the top items you need to do your job, there are not needed when you’re choosing which microwave meal to have in the middle of Asda!

You think any alarm type noise is the emergency buzzer and immediately jump up 

Whether it’s the smoke alarm or a car in the street, you find you are immediately alert and ready to rush to help. Whether you need to be or not!

When you find yourself speaking louder than normal until you remember you don’t need to as you’re not at work!

Whether you say things slower to be clearer or louder to be heard, your friends and family have probably mentioned more than once that they are not the residents you work with 

Can you think of anything else we have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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