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8 ways to get on a recruiters birthday wish list

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8 ways to get on a recruiters birthday wish list

Ever wonder what it is that recruiters actually wish for on their birthday? If there’s anything that could make a recruiters life easier, it would be the perfect candidate, so it’s no surprise that this would top of their list. If you’re wondering how you can make their birthday wish come true, its not all about the experience you have or the degree you may or may not have, there are other qualities that will make you the ideal fit for their role.


Having strong moral principles is essential to recruiters as nothing is worse than having a candidate that has stated they have all these lovely skills and qualities when actually in the long run, they only have a few, which doesn’t make them desirable (or sometimes even qualified for the job).

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Social professionalism

How you portray yourself on social media is so important when job searching. Be mindful about what you post. If you do not consider the consequences of posting inappropriate content then this could result in not being shortlisted for a really good job. If you’d like some more information of what is and isn’t suitable then check out our blog here.

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Good references

Having good references is vital! They can be the make or break of getting a job. This being said, if you have integrity and always put in 100% to everything you do, then there should be no issues with getting good references. Also if you have been working for some time now and don’t have at least three people that would give you good references then you may need to step back and take a look at how you’re performing in the workplace.

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Know what you want

Knowing what you want can really impress a recruiter. Having a life plan and explaining what it is and how you’re planning to get there is perfectly acceptable to a recruiter. When recruiters are able to understand what it is you want in life, they are able to help you get there and guide you to your goal.

5 year plan

Don’t yell and sell

Yelling and selling is the idea of throwing all of your skills and attributes (including irrelevant ones) at a recruiter in the space of about 20 seconds and expecting them to take it all in and process properly. This may overwhelm the recruiter and they will struggle to find the right position for you as they will have so many qualities to focus on they won’t be concentrating on what key qualities make you the perfect candidate. Keep it relevant to specific industries and roles you are looking to work in.

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Having passion for a job or industry is one of the most important things that a recruiter will look for. Sometimes, even if you don’t know anything about the job, your passion to learn will outweigh others. If you show that you are willing to work at something until you get it then recruiters will appreciate that and might put you forward for jobs that they think you will get on really well in.

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Being flexible will be seen as a great advantage to recruiters (and to yourself) as they will be able to put you out for lots of work! Being flexible makes you stand out from other candidates as you will always be available to work which makes their lives a lot easier… and they will love you for that.

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Professional appearance

When attending job interviews it is always considered appropriate to dress professionally. For example, for men it can be as simple as getting regular haircuts, shaving beards to an appropriate length and wearing a nice suit. For women, it can be wearing a conservative dress or suit, also not wearing too high of a heel. This may not be the case for all roles, just remember to dress suitably for the role you’re going for.

Have a look at our blog “what to wear to look professional”, to get an idea of the sort of thing you should be wearing to an interview. Click here to read.