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6 top tips for driving in severe weather conditions

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6 top tips for driving in severe weather conditions

Calling all HGV drivers…

Hate driving in the winter weather? But hate driving in the summer even more? You don’t know how to survive the two dreaded seasons so you’re just sitting in your HGV either feeling like icicles are hanging off of your face for a couple of months and then feeling like you’re going to drown in your own sweat the next? To help you out with this we have put together a few top tips for getting through these months…

Cold conditions


If you’re going to be driving in the snow, rain, ice etc. then you will need to wear dry and waterproof shoes. Not only to keep you warm but also for your health. Imagine you’re just about to hop into the HGV and you step in a huge deep puddle…

Now, if you have sturdy and waterproof boots on then this won’t affect you, however if you have flimsy shoes on like trainers then all the water will most likely go into them (especially as most trainers now have tiny little holes in them) and your feet will be soaked and this will cause you to be cold all day!

health and safety boots

Warm up your insides

Taking a flask of hot drink (e.g. coffee) along for the trip with you can also contribute to keeping you warm. If you are holding a warm flask or cup then this will warm up your hands anyway and also the liquid will warm up inside your body, keeping you warmer for longer!

artistic coffee

Layer up!

Wearing just your uniform or normal clothes will not be enough to keep you warm in the winter months! You need to layer up with thermals (thick leggings and vests are a good substitute if you don’t have thermals) underneath your trousers for extra warmth. Wear a hat that covers your ears and a scarf around your neck to keep your head and neck warm.

joey from friends

Hot conditions

Dress for the occasion

Wear as little clothing as possible. For example, wear shorts and a company vest (if possible and given permission to do so by employer). This will keep your body cool when driving. If you cannot do this then carry on reading for another two top tips…

Hi-vis shorts

The two rules of car cooling…

Keeping the HGV cool is essential to keep yourself cool. Keeping the air con on whilst moving will keep the temperature down. This is better than having the windows down whilst driving as it will just be a cool breeze instead of the wind blowing around all the paper work and all of your things around.

car air con


Keep hydrated! Freeze a few bottles of water or fruit juice so that it lasts throughout the day and you can have a drink whenever you need one. Drinking fluids is essential when you’re driving as if you get de-hydrated then it can affect your eye sight and therefore make you hazardous on the road.

ice cold bottles of water

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Have we forgotten anything? If you can think of anymore ways to stay comfortable in severe weather conditions then post it in the comments below…