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How the Dingo Dollar challenges can prepare you for your new job

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How the Dingo Dollar challenges can prepare you for your new job

It’s almost that time of year again where we get to spend 3 glorious weeks watching a group of celebrities band together eating, drinking, swimming and laying in absolutely anything to try and attempt to win delicious treats for themselves and their campmates.

Have you ever thought about how the Dingo Dollar challenges can prepare you for your life at your new job? We have – check it out…

Team work makes the dream work!

Team work is one of the main aspects of Dingo Dollar challenges. It is also essential for any job role. Showing that you are willing to help out your co-workers when they need you can make you stand out to an employer as a team player! Which is an employable skill that is essential… plus we all need help from time to time.

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Communication is key

Ensuring that you communicate with your co-workers is essential. Without communication there is the potential for mistakes to be made. These mistakes could cost the business time and money. If your employer sees that mistakes are being made due to lack of communication then they won’t think you’re the right fit to stay with the company.

i'm a celebrity cast 2018 in camp

Interpersonal skills

We have learnt from previous seasons of I’m a Celebrity that some people just don’t click together. However, at work (and in Dingo Dollar challenges) you have to try and get along with all your co-workers to get the job done. Being able to get along with everyone you work with can make everybody’s experience in the workplace as easy going as possible.

i'm a celebrity cast 2018 in camp

Remember to have fun

Regardless of what task the camp is given, they always have fun whilst doing it or manage to see the funny side. If you don’t enjoy doing a job then it’s more than likely that you won’t put all of your effort into it, which really is wasting everybody’s time. Having fun whilst doing a job can show your employer that you genuinely want to work for them instead of just being motivated by money which will make you stand out during your probation period (if you are on one).

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Share your success with the rest of the group

When the campmates win the Dingo Dollar challenges, they take back the treats to share with the rest of the camp. When all the hard work is over, don’t forget to share your success with the rest of the team. Don’t keep all the delicious treats to yourself, share them out with your co-workers!

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Can you think of any other way that Dingo Dollar challenges can prepare you for your new job? Drop them in the comments below!