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How to turn a Christmas temp job into a career

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How to turn a Christmas temp job into a career

So Christmas is just around the corner and we are so ready to play Mariah Carey until our ears burst! But there are some things we should discuss before we pack up for the festive season. We thought we would help you out by putting together some top tips on how to turn your Christmas temp job into your full time career! Check it out…


When entering a new role, you always should have a positive attitude and give it your 100% effort even if it’s only a part time role. Having the attitude that “it’s only a temp role” will give you the mind-set that you don’t have to put maximum effort, when in actual fact, you will not have any room to progress and turn the role into a career.

Also you need to remember that even if you don’t end up in this role, the employer will still be called as a reference by your next role, so make a lasting impression!

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Quick one to one meetings

By asking your manager for one to one meetings (or even just some small feedback) you are showing that you are bothered about the job. This can also be beneficial to the employer, not just the employee. This is due to the fact that it gives the employer a chance to tell you what you can improve on and what you can do to make the operations of the company run smoother and better.

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Show initiative

Don’t just focus on progressing in your initial role, showcase all of your skills by asking to experience different departments. Also this will show that you are willing to put yourself outside of your comfort zone and help your co-workers in different departments when they need you.

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Apply for internal positions

This is obviously a biggie. Applying for internal positions can show your employer that you want to work for their company and not just that you needed a temp job for Christmas. If there are no vacancies then have a chat with your employer and express your interest in the company and the fact that it is the place you want to work for long term.

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Socialising with your co-workers is a massive help when wanting to turn your temp job into a career. This is because you can build up relationships with them and they can put in a good word for you if you tell them you want to work for them full time. You can do this by going to their Christmas party, arranging dinner after work or even just going to sit with your co-worker or a group of them at lunch – join in on their conversations, see if you have anything in common. This can help you to figure out if you want to work there full time!

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Making yourself available for all shifts that need covering or staying overtime in the office to get all the work completed and not just leaving at your finishing time. This will allow your employer to see you are a reliable worker and this can contribute to being able to progress in the role and take a step closer to turning it into a career.

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Hopefully these top tips have helped you think about how you can turn your Christmas temp job into a career! Or, are you currently looking for a Christmas temp job? Click here to see what we have to offer you!