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Swanstaff Wellbeing Week 2018

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Swanstaff Wellbeing Week 2018

As we get deeper into the Winter weather it can be very easy to fall into S.A.D. This also occurs in the workplace – you can begin to feel demotivated and low which can result in you becoming unproductive.

So what better way than to start the week than with a Hula hoop and Pedometer challenge. All members of staff were put into allocated teams to see who could walk the most steps and who could hula hoop the longest. This encouraged everyone to be more active and also generated teamwork.

Day two was focused around healthy eating. Our marketing team put together and sent out a healthy recipe cook book. Our national temps team took it upon themselves to cook everyone at Head Office a lovely lunch from one of the recipes from the cook book. We wanted to implement this so that hopefully each member of staff could be inspired to cook a healthy meal or two.

Day three we called ‘Laughter Day’. This is pretty self-explanatory but the idea behind this was to get everyone to tell each other jokes or to be their funniest self so that all the branches and Head Office would just be filled with laughter all day. At the end of the day everyone voted for Comedy Genius and the winner was announced at our Quarterly meeting the next day.

Day four was our Quarterly meeting. We had various talks from our CEO Stephen Rogers and the Marketing team. Individuals and teams won various awards and we also held a raffle and a bingo game to raise money for MIND (which is the National Association for Mental Health). We ended up raising £219.90 altogether. A staff member of MIND also came to our meeting to talk to us about the importance of mental health which was a brilliant insight for our staff.

Finally, day five was our relaxation day. At Head Office we transformed our library into a meditation and relaxation room. We filled it with huge comfortable cushions, dimmed the lights and played relaxing music. We encouraged all members of staff to do the same at the branches. Our Head Office team was encouraged to spend 10-15 minutes in there when they could feel themselves becoming stressed.

If you would like to find out more about MIND and why we chose this amazing charity, please click here.

If you would like to work for a company that cares about their employees mental health and wellbeing click here.