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4 tips for Christmas recruiting

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4 tips for Christmas recruiting

The Christmas season is approaching rapidly and as recruiters you need to be on the ball if you are wanting to hire the best candidates. Seasonal work can be difficult to recruit for, due to the employment often being temporary and requires working over the festive season, when some may enjoy their time off with their loved ones.

Although, the last thing you want is to be short staffed over the Christmas period and stretching your existing facilities. You’re in luck… we have put together 4 top tips to help you with your Christmas recruiting.

Start early

The best candidates will be organised and efficient, with their Christmas job search. They will be starting to search early so you should be too. The best time to start recruiting for the Christmas period would be early November, so that you have enough time to interview everybody, call them back for a second interview, send all the relevant paperwork and documents through etc.

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Write a clear job description

It’s better to be clear from the very start. Outline all responsibilities of the job role, pay, location etc. so that nobody is confused or can claim they didn’t know anything about the role. This avoids wasting both yours and the candidates time.

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Try out social media

If you haven’t already, try recruiting from social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Facebook now have a job advert service for business pages to help boost their recruitment. Once you have posted the job advert, share it into groups that are local to the location of the role.

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Ask current employees

This can sometimes be the best way to recruit as your existing employees already know the role and therefore can explain exactly what it is like to their friends/family and attract the right candidate for the company.

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Can you think of any other top tips we may have missed? Drop them in the comments below! Alternatively, if you’re looking for a new role for Christmas, click here to see what we can offer you!