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Is social media stopping you getting your dream job?

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Don't let social media stop you from getting your dream job

Social networking sites in 2017 are a part of our everyday lives; they help us connect with people from all over the world in both a personal and professional manner. There’s just no getting away from it! From your laptop your phone and now even on watches, trying to avoid social media in some sense is near enough impossible.

10 years on from the creation of Twitter and 1.65 billion Facebook users later we find ourselves too often posting without considering the content of our posts and what the future ramifications could be from this.

Try to remember when using social media that your main objective when job hunting is to promote yourself to potential employers. They want to see that you possess certain qualities that make you an employable candidate.

Employers hold all the key information they need to find your online profile easily, some even use external screening companies. I don’t mean to alarm anyone because that’s not what I’m here to do; employers aren’t necessarily looking to find bad information about you by looking at your profile they are simply just using this process as a precaution as to see that by employing you would not draw any bad attention their way in the future.

Be smart about what you post! Be more aware and take some consideration into whether your tweet or Instagram picture could be considered inappropriate in some manner.

Examples of things employers have said that has turned them off a candidate are as follows:

  • An unprofessional screenname or handle

  • Bad mouthing previous employers/colleagues

  • Evidence of excessive drinking or drug use

  • Provocative photos

  • Narrow-minded/offensive comments in regards to race, religion or gender

  • Evidence of criminal behaviour

Statistics found 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through social media. With the mases of users that are signed up and logged on to these sites daily you should utilise this tool and promote yourself well.

If you want to read more about how we here at Swanstaff think you can use social media to find yourself a job use the link below…