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5 ways to show candidates some love this Valentine’s Day

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5 ways to show candidates some love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, so now’s the perfect time to think about those in your life who aren’t getting the love they deserve. You know the ones I mean, they’re eagerly waiting by the phone for a call, the ones who show up to every single interview you arrange for them. These are the candidates who deserve all the love in the world for making your job that little bit easier.

Are you the kind of person who finds expressing their feelings hard? Not to worry as we’ve got 5 ways you can show candidates some love this Valentine’s Day…

1. Don’t set unreal expectations

Candidates want to know as much as possible about the jobs and companies they’re applying to, both the good and the bad. Setting a realistic picture of the company is better than trying to over sell and not being able to follow through. Tell your candidates what they can expect to be doing on the job. Also, it avoids wasting yours, the candidates and the interviewers time. Plus if you're selling a dream about a company and they happen to have google it won’t be long before they find a lot of bad reviews, it's going to be a bit embarrassing on your part.

2. First impressions

A bad candidate experience often starts at the application stage. If candidates have to spend a great deal of time entering information into long applications, they can become frustrated… Don’t let this happen! Avoid losing out on great job seekers by creating a shorter application process. One way you could do this is by giving them the option of coming into your office or to do an online application – sometimes online makes it easier.

3. Find them the perfect match

You should only be pairing your candidates with companies/clients you know they can progress and succeed with! Spending more time helping them with their job search will encourage them to gain more loyalty to you and your company, instead of feeling like you are just placing them anywhere for the sake of it.

4. Prepare candidates for the first (interview) date

Your candidates will be feeling enough stress and nervousness going on, they are going to want some support and encouragement from you! Give them a call before they go into the interview to prep them with last minute tips about the company and who will be interviewing with and then you also know they arrived safe and sound. Also give them a message or a call after the interview for feedback and a chat about how they got on. This really goes a long way with the candidate!

5. Let them down gently

Instead of giving candidates the classic "it’s not you, it’s me" routine, you can make the rejection process more positive and rewarding by giving constructive feedback on why they weren’t selected and what they can do to improve their interview or skill set. By doing this you can keep strong candidates engaged with the company and create a more positive experience.

Now that you have everything you need to know, go and give your candidates some love!

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