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4 top tips to celebrating International Happiness Day in the workplace

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4 top tips to celebrating International Happiness Day in the workplace

In light of International Happiness Day (and the fact my previous blog was about Blue Monday), I thought we could all do with some positivity today. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate and recognise happiness at your work then you’ve come to the right place. Check it out…

Great co-workers with a smile and a cheery “hello”

Doing this can make all the difference to someone’s day. Go beyond your normal circle, and offer a wholesome “good morning” to extend the feel good factor across the organisation. One thing can set the mood for the entire day – so why not make it a good day?

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Praise efforts from colleagues

Taking a few minutes to offer positive feedback doesn’t just boost happiness, it can also have an impact on productivity. Chances are a simple “thank you for doing a great job” could go a long way to inspiring happiness and wellbeing, accomplishment and enthusiasm for your fellow employees.

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Surprise with kindness

This doesn’t have to be a huge gesture or an expensive gift. It can quite literally be a single sweet on everyone’s desk in the morning, or buy some cheap donuts for everyone; it can make all the difference to employee’s work ethic if they feel appreciated.

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Host a “Happiness Hour”

Some ideas for a Happiness Hour are:

·        Morning tea and coffee

·        Breakfast

·        Laughter hour – sit and watch funny videos

·        Cake and cookie hour

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Together, we can take action for happiness! Think we missed anything? If you can think of any other way to celebrate this International Day please let us know! Happy Day of Happiness Day everyone!