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Swan Family: Stacey Murray Staff Profile

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Meet Stacey Murray! 

Stacey joined Swan Family centres almost 3 years ago in May 2016, she has a total of 6 years experience in Children's Contact Services. Stacey is Centre Co-ordinator at Cardiff West Swan Family Centre.

Role and Responsibilities

As a Centre Co-ordinator, daily duties for Stacey include scheduling a large number of contact sessions, undertake meetings, work with other professionals internal and external to the service and ensure that safe, positive contacts take place. Stacey also works closely with staff and the Administration team to ensure we deliver the correct reports and on all aspects of our contract.

Ensuring our Core Values are met

Stacey is passionate in ensuring we meet our obligations for a child-centred service - she says:

I ensure that safe positive contacts take place in the centres and in the community, liaise closely with social workers and Guardians and make sure there are stimulating and age appropriate facilities for all families. I always treat all workers, families and professionals with respect and have built good working relationships with all.

How does Stacey feel about her role at Swan Family?

I enjoy working at Swan Family centre as a coordinator as it challenges me every day and Swanstaff have offered me great opportunities within the company. It give me a sense of achievement to see Families enjoying contact and to know that we are working closely with Cardiff children services to ensure the children’s safety and well being.