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4 reasons why recruitment is like the Grand National

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So, it’s that time of year again! Have you placed your bets yet?  As I’m frantically waiting for the races to start, I couldn’t help but think how Recruitment is like the Grand National. So sit back, relax and let me walk you through it…


Recruitment would be nothing without a little hurdle to overcome every now and again. This can be anything from your candidate being booked into an interview and at last minute accepting another job offer! But the thing to remember is to always get back up, dust yourself off and keep going. Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit!

Always betting on your favourite

In recruitment, it can be easy to establish your favourite candidate, the one who shows up to all interviews, always answers your calls/emails and attends all training needed without any fuss, sound familiar? It can be even easier to want to put them forward for every single role you think they are qualified for, but remember, there are other great candidates to place your bets on!

The underdog can still come out on top!

Remember the story of the rabbit and the tortoise? There is always a chance that the unexperienced candidate’s personality and skills could shine through and they could bag themselves the job!

 Riskier odds can lead to better wins

As a candidate, you can always feel like you are not right for a certain job or a job is out of your league, but you can only try. If you never do it, the answer will always be a no, whereas if you actually go to that interview or apply for that job, there is always a chance you could get it.

Are you looking to place your bets on a new role? Check out our job searching page here and see what we have available for you!