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The Avengers Superheroes as recruiters

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Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye

In light of National Super Hero Day and also the release of The Avengers: End Game last Thursday, we decided to celebrate National Superhero Day and show you how recruiters can be like the different Avengers starting from Captain America all the way to Black Widow. Are you ready?

Captain America

Captain America came into existence around the same time as the modern recruitment industry (1940s). Captain A has no natural super powers that we know of but he is very skilled in studying his enemies and making strategic plans against them. This kind of recruiter will research into their competitors to see how they can stand out from the crowd and be a natural leader!

Captain America holding his shield in The Avengers End Game

Iron Man

Iron Man sets trends – he doesn’t follow them. He’s all about looking for new ways to beat his enemies. This type of recruiter will be constantly looking for new ways to attract candidates and out do their competitors.

Iron Man in his mask in The Avengers End Game


The God of Thunder strategically plans for the future and the bigger picture. If he was a recruiter he wouldn’t just place any candidate in any job – he would carefully pick and place each candidate to the job they suit the most and the job they can progress in.

Thor holding his hammer in The Avengers End Game

The Hulk

No one can deny that The Hulk is angriest of all Avengers. He uses his anger to his advantage when fighting his enemies. Remember – recruitment can be frustrating but try not to lose your cool when a placement doesn’t go your way. Instead this type of recruiter would use their frustration and turn it into dedication and perseverance to finding the perfect candidate for the role.

The Hulk screaming in The Avengers End Game


Hawkeye is the undoubtedly the most determined Avenger. It was his determination that drove him in his quest of superhero status! Although he does not have any natural super powers he is at the peak of his human fitness which allows him to excel in studying and learning about every weapon he is met with – making use of the tools available to him. A Hawkeye kind of recruiter will study and research into their client so that they can truly understand the needs of the business and which type of candidates will suit and progress there.

Hawkeye in The Avengers End Game

Black Widow

Crime fighting – just the same as recruitment, requires a healthy mind and lifestyle. Being an Avenger Super Hero can be just as tough as being a recruiter! So if you’re going to be a Black Widow style recruiter you will need to be fuelled with lots of energy which can be done by getting good night’s sleep, going to the gym and eating healthy! This will gain you a sharp mind to fork out the perfect candidates for your vacancies!

Black Widow in action in The Avengers End Game

Remember, not all Superheros wear capes! So take a look at our job search page here to see what our Super Recruiters can do for you!