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The most dangerous areas in the world for HGV Drivers

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The most dangerous areas in the world for HGV Drivers

If you haul internationally, the odds are that you have been all around the world (or at least Europe), seeing breath taking sites that you have no choice but to just pass by and go about your normal working day. However lovely these sites are to see, some are highly dangerous. We have put together the top six most dangerous areas for Drivers and their Heavy Goods Vehicles, take a look…


Some of the most amazing views are seen at the top of these heights, although you wouldn’t want to get stuck in a HGV on one, trust me. Could you imagine yourself driving up the thinning roads and getting stuck like the truck at the end of The Italian Job? Scary!

animals running free at the bottom of the mountains

Icy Landscapes

HGV Drivers should know better than anyone that ice can be terribly dangerous. Some even refuse to transport goods across potentially thin ice. Even for a normal car, it can be hazardous. Black ice is also really dangerous as it’s normally never seen and therefore causes accidents that cannot be avoided!

Icy landscapes with cliffes


Unless you have a life time’s supply of water in your HGV, many drivers avoid driving in and along the Desert environment. Temperatures can soar and with no other vehicles around for miles, it can be so dangerous. Especially for an older HGV which could be liable to break down.

deserts with a tree

Small Towns

So it might sound like we’re going from one extreme to the other regarding size of areas but hear us out! With obstacles such as tight turns, tiny and narrow high streets and low bridges with no option but to proceed through, it can be very difficult and hard to drive through this type of area. Also there are normally vulnerable road users in these areas so if you have to ever find yourself driving through these areas... check your blind spots!

small town with trees


Bridges to HGV Drivers are like The Joker to Batman – mortal enemies. Although hopefully you saw a sign that stated the height restriction and either carried on confidently or turned around and planned another route. Last thing you want is to get stuck and end up dragging down parts of the bridge. Similarly, driving over a bridge – you will need to know the weight limit just in case the bridge is old and liable to fall – your HGV could end up falling through it! So remember HGV safety.

small narrow bridge


With bits of the cliff coming lose and falling off and splashing into the water creating a slippery surface on the roads it can be very hazardous! Also with the winding roads – the tires could slip and also it can be hard to dodge the falling rocks in a huge HGV.

cliffe with winding road

These areas have caused many accidents where HGVs were involved. So be vigilant and careful about where you're driving and what routes you are planning! Always remember road safety and safety standards !

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