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The role of a Support Worker

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Are you looking to go into a new career but you’re not sure what to do or where to start? How about a career in Support Working? We have put together everything you need to know about the world of Support Work… take a look!

The role of a Support Worker can vary depending on what kind of one you are, but the main overview is to assist and support vulnerable individuals with their day to day tasks such as washing, dressing, maintaining personal hygiene, paying bills and also providing companionship. The average rate of pay for a Support Worker is around £8.21-£11 per hour.

Daily Duties of a Support Worker

  • Assessing the needs of new clients by conducting interviews with them and their families/loved ones.
  • Reporting on assessments.
  • Monitoring medical conditions
  • Supporting with day to day tasks such as washing, dressing, personal hygiene and admin tasks i.e. paying bills.
  • Recreational activities with clients.
  • Providing information and support to the families and loved ones of those in your care.
  • Maintaining medical records.
  • Providing companionship and emotional support.

Qualifications you’ll need to be a Support Worker

There are not many qualifications that you need to become a Support Worker, it’s more skill and personality based than essential qualification, however there are three essential requirements…

  • Valid DBS
  • NVQ in care/healthcare or a related field
  • Grade A-C in English and Maths

Skills you’ll need to be a Support Worker

  • An interest in people and a commitment to helping others.
  • Ability to communicate clearly.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Ability to carry out practical and domestic duties.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • Organised.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • A non-judgemental attitude.
  • Respect for client confidentiality.

Typical Support Worker interview questions

  • What can you bring to this Support Worker position?
  • Can you outline a stressful experience that you have had and explain how you handled it?
  • Describe how you would assess a client’s needs?
  • How would you rate your communication and interpersonal skills?
  • Tell me about your ability to work under pressure
  • What are your strengths that will help you in this specific role?
  • What are your goals as a Support Worker?
  • Outline an occasion where you worked as part of a team and how did you contribute?

Now you know all you need to about becoming a Support Worker, click here take a look at our job search page to see what Support Worker roles we have available for you!