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4 ways to give valuable feedback after an interview

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4 ways to give valuable feedback after an interview

Job seekers are looking to find the right company that will fit them just as much as employers are seeking candidates that will fill their role and fit company culture. With this in mind, you should always where possible provide feedback to the candidate once you have let them know they have been unsuccessful. Here are our top tips on how to give your candidates valuable feedback after an interview!

#1 – Don’t be overly harsh and critical

Being overly critical is something you should definitely try to avoid. You should include both constructive criticism and praise. Try to give some form praise once before providing constructive criticism and once after, this can give the candidate a sense of confidence and a goal to aim for their next interview.

#2 – Aim to help!

Feedback should be meaningful – avoid listing off negative things about the candidate. Focus on one or two things that are specific to the job and the culture fit.

#3 – Be precise, not personal

To ensure your feedback is effective you will need to explain the situation not the person. For example you could say “We noticed you was late to the interview – maybe you could try to manage your time a bit better” instead of “you was late, that’s not good enough”.

#4 – Tell the truth

All candidates deserve honesty. Telling them that they were great in the interview (when you both know they wasn’t) won’t earn their respect and it will leave them confused as to why you won’t hire them even though you’re saying they were great!

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