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4 ways to use Twitter to recruit the best candidates

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4 ways to use Twitter to recruit the best candidates

13 years and around 260 million active users later - Twitter has become one of the biggest social hubs in the world. This also means it is a huge and powerful recruitment tool that any recruiter can take advantage of! So to help you out we have put together 4 top tips to using Twitter to find the best candidates to fill your roles!

#1 Grow your followers

The first thing to do is to make people aware of your Twitter presence by spreading the word. It’s a good idea to separate your main company page and set up a new account for your recruitment. To gain followers you should regularly tweet from your main page directing your existing followers to your recruitment page. You could also follow relevant Twitter hours and seek out candidates that are job searching.

#2 Display your company culture

Not everything you post has to be about recruitment. It is becoming more and more popular for candidates to go for a job because they are attracted to the company’s culture. Therefore post about things that show your company’s day to day life! This can be anything from pictures from your last Christmas party, a team member’s birthday or even a team night out.

#3 Be active

Being active and showing you are active will attract candidates as they will know that they can ask questions and they will be answered in a short space of time. You should also interact with and thank the accounts that retweet you!

If you’re going to have a Twitter page (especially a recruitment page), you need to be present and active. If potential candidates are messaging you and not getting a response then they won’t feel engaged. The more active you are the more followers you’ll gain and the more talent you will attract.

#4 Use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to generate candidates on Twitter and get your job opportunities seen by more people. You have to be using the right hashtags per post. Always remember to not add more than a few tags per post otherwise it can look very spammy, so chose the most relevant 3 or 4 tags!

You may also want to look at what hashtags other recruitment pages are using and what works well for them.

Hopefully by now you are setting up your Twitter account and are implementing our top tips!

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