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Familiar faces who were HGV Drivers

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Have you ever wondered about how some of the worlds most recognised faces started out before their claim to fame? We have done some digging and put together a list of celebrities who were HGV Drivers before their big break!

Charles Bronson

A famous actor who can be seen in films such as The Magnificent Seven and The Dirty Dozen. Prior to his acting career he was a HGV Driver and also took pilot training too! This then led him to winning multiple awards for acting.

Charles Bronson who used to be a HGV Driver

Elvis Presley

Yes, it’s true! The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was a HGV Driver! He took up the career after his graduation! He underwent electrician courses and began driving a truck for Crown Electric.

Elvis Presley who used to be a HGV Driver

Liam Neeson

‘Taken’ star and well known actor Liam Neeson was involved in HGV Driving before he stepped into the acting game! Neeson drove a Forklift Truck and a lorry for Guinness!

Liam Neeson who used to be a HGV Driver

James Cameron

Avatar and The Terminator director was in the Driving industry before his claim to fame. As a HGV Driver, he would spend the time on the road thinking of screenplay ideas. If he stumbled upon a really great idea, he’d pull over and write it down… where could he have thought up Avatar?

James Cameron who used to be a HGV Driver

Sean Connery

The former 007 with the irreplaceable Scottish accent used to spend his days long distance driving. It’s hard to believe the 7X James Bond was led to acting because of his driving career!

Sean Connery who used to be a HGV Driver

Stephen Rogers

And last, but certainly not least – Swanstaff’s CEO! Back when Swanstaff was just a dream, Steve was an HGV Driver! It was his own personal struggle with agencies with poor customer service that made him want to offer a better experience for today’s agency workers.

Our CEO Stephen Rogers who used to be a HGV Driver before founding Swanstaff

Crazy, right?!

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