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4 ways technology has changed recruitment

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4 ways technology has changed recruitment

Around 30 years ago the internet revolutionised the way the world works and this completely changed the way we approach recruitment. Job adverts were once posted in newspapers and spread simply through word of mouth, this limited the response rate and employers were often stuck and had to settle for unqualified candidates. Today the modern recruiter will use different tactics and methods, embracing all the tools that technology has provided the recruitment industry with to be able to create new opportunities for employers and candidates.

Access to the internet on our smartphones

This could arguably be the best thing to happen to the recruitment industry. Job seekers can now access job boards at any time of day to view potential vacancies and send/check emails to contact employers regarding interview opportunities. For employers it has given them new lines of communication to be able to keep in contact with their candidates out of office hours with ease.

Social media

The invention of the internet has given us so many great things, one main thing being social media! The majority of candidates in today’s society will have some form of social media account whether this is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. Recruiters can now harass this as an opportunity to have an insight in the personalities and lifestyles of their candidates. The modern recruiter of today will utilise the advantages that social sourcing offers them to be able to reach out to passive job seekers and get ahead of the game before a candidate join starts the recruitment process.

Global reach

Having the internet so readily available means that recruiters can recruit candidates from all around the world and place them internationally. This can also help to modernise a business!

Finding the perfect match

Just the same as dating websites use algorithms to find compatible people, social recruiting technology can match your organisation with the best candidates! This can go beyond their qualifications and can help you to find candidates who match your company culture too. Some job boards allow you to do this by setting up specific questions within your job adverts that the applicants have to answer in order to apply – which means you can ask make or break questions!

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