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5 Similarities between Tennis Players and Recruiters

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5 similarities between Tennis players and Recruiters

It’s finally here! Wimbledon has begun and we couldn’t be more excited! Have you been itching to get your hands on some Wimbledon tickets as much as us?

Now, obviously such an important event just wouldn’t be the same without one of our golden set blogs to help you get in the spirit! Recently with all the excitement of Wimbledon starting, we have been thinking about how Tennis players and Recruiters are similar and here’s what we came up with…

Determination – “I don’t play in tournaments to be 2nd best” Andy Murray

The first thing that came to mind when we thought about this was determination and the levels that are acquired by Tennis players and Recruiters alike. In the likes of Andy Murray and Serena Williams – you cannot knock their determination to succeed and be at the very top of their game. This is also the mindset that a Recruiter should have!

If you’re in recruitment you should strive to be the best you can possibly be – so have this quote by Andy himself in the back of your mind.

Competitive – “I am lucky that whatever fear I have inside me, my desire to win is always stronger” Serena Williams

Recruiters need to be competitive like Tennis Players in order to succeed and win. These days there are so many other successful Recruiters doing the exact same thing as you, trying to be the best. So you actually have to want to be successful in order to be successful.

Hours on the court (or your desk!)

Whether you are a successful Recruiter or a successful Tennis player you will have had to put a huge amount of time and effort into being where you are today, am I right? Of course, I am! Remember, the more you practice, the better and more successful you will be.

Reacting to fastball situations

As a Recruiter, it can sometimes feel like you are being bombarded with fast-flying Tennis balls by an opponent with clients and candidate problems coming at you left, right and center (don’t worry, we all have days like this). You have to react fast and with a solution. Just like Tennis players when their opponent shoots a fastball!


Tennis players and Recruiters celebrate their victories in very similar ways. Normally with a knee slide and a celebratory arm air punch! Or maybe that’s just in our crazy office?

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