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5 Easy Ways to Ace Your Next Job Interview

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5 ways to ACE your next interview

Do you have a job interview approaching? We know it's your big day, so here are our 5 top tips to make sure you ace your job interview:

1 - Know the company and the interviewer

Just like tennis players should know the court they are playing on – you should know the company you are interviewing for! You can do this by checking out their website and social sites.

It is also a good idea to find out key things about the person who will be interviewing you. You can do this by searching them on LinkedIn to find out how long they have worked there and what their achievements are. If you want to go down a more personal route, you could also look into their hobbies and interests by having a cheeky peak at their social media.

2 - Ask questions

To build a rapport with your interviewer, don’t just answer their question and wait silently for their next one. Build on their question and start a conversation. Ask them about their job role and how they overcome the problems they face. Also listen to what their answers are to your questions, as they will be paying attention as to how much you’ve been listening.

Remember if this is a face to face interview, to keep good eye contact to keep the conversation flowing or if it is a telephone interview remember to smile. You can hear the difference.

3 - Show your passion

It’s not enough to simply want a job; you need to be able to express your enthusiasm and your desire for that position at this particular company. Being able to answer the common interview question “What do you know about us?” in detail will show that you have put the time into researching the company and you are passionate about working for them.

4 - Wear appropriate attire

Wearing the appropriate attire can make or break an interview. If you are unsure of what their usual work attire is, then why not send a quick email to double-check with your interviewer what you are expected to wear rather than just guess and get it completely wrong. If in doubt, dress in smart business wear or alternatively check their social media feeds.

This all comes down to good interview preparation. Imagine you are in a group interview and all of the other candidates are in professional clothing and you're in casual clothes - embarrassing right!

5 - Ask about their company culture

In any job interview, you should always ask about their company culture to see if you could see yourself working in that specific environment. Here at Swanstaff, we have a work hard – play hard culture, we go over the top on birthdays and we have some of the craziest team members in our Head Office and Branches located up and down the UK.

 Now that we have prepared you for your interview, it’s your turn to go and smash it out of the park! Just remember to smile, be yourself and be confident and you’ll ace it!

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