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CV Masterclass: Creating a tailored CV for each role

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CV Masterclass: Creating a tailored CV for each role

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every CV you sent out got accepted straight away? Unfortunately, this is not the reality of it! The majority of roles you come across in your job search receive hundreds of CVs and applications come through each day. So what will make your application stand out from the others?

Why is a tailored CV important?

A recruiter will take only a minute or two to review each CV they receive (at most) therefore you need to make sure that the details they are looking for stand out straight away. You can do this by matching your skills to each job you apply for and make sure your CV showcases everything your prospective employer is looking for!

Follow this step by step process to get it right every time!

  1. Is the job actually worth applying for? 
    • Does my experience match what the role is looking for?
    • Do I meet the minimum criteria (e.g. Minimum years experience/qualifications)
    • Does the salary/working hours etc meet my needs?
  2. Make a list of everything the advert asks for.
  3. Edit your CV using the useful infographic guide below to make sure that you include the IMPORTANT information in the right places on your CV
  4. Cut out any irrelevant information, or include minimal details.
  5. Do this for each job that you apply for – even if it is a similar role the next job advert may emphasise specific skills and experience so it is always worth tweaking your CV to match these!
  6. Research the company and make some notes so that if they call you or ask you to come for an interview you are already prepared
We have put together a generic CV and a targetted CV for you to take some inspiration from, take a look below!

Click here to zoom in inin

                      Generic CV                                   Targetted CV
comparing one general CV to one targeted CV
 If your CV is still not getting the attention it deserves, take a look at our top 5 favourite CVs that we have come accross over the years to see if you can spruce yours up to stand out from the crowd!