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Job Search Lessons from Love Island 2019

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Winners of Love Island 2019 Amber and Greg

It’s official – Love Island will now be airing a winter show as well as it’s beloved summer show! Hopefully this will soften the blow that the summer series came to an end last night. With Love Island 2019 winners Amber and Greg having been crowned victorious.

I think we can all admit that we became a little too emotionally invested in a few certain Islanders *cough* Amber and #TeamTolly. So it only makes sense that we reflect on what lessons we have learnt from this years islanders and show how these can help us in our job search.

#1 – Always seek moral support

Ever since the first episode and the shocking late arrival of Tommy and Curtis – the dancer has always been seen as the ‘dad’ of the villa. He is always there to provide advice and support, although his recent advice to Jordan may have got him into trouble – he was still there to talk nonetheless.

Like the Love Island villa, job searching can often be a lonely and frustrating place to be in, so get yourself a Curtis, even if it’s just to go through interview questions or to help you pick your best frock for an upcoming interview.

Curtis from Love Island 2019 giving someone advice

#2 – Always be willing to take a risk

We have seen many risks being taken over the years Love Island has aired, however we can all agree that in this years’ Casa Amor the Michael, Amber and Joanna twist had us all like …

man acting shocked at computer screen

Michael went with his gut feeling and took the risk, instead of playing it safe and sticking with Amber. Job seekers can learn a lot from this. You should never just stick with a job offer because it’s an easy option if you feel like you could find a better option. Always take a risk if a good opportunity presents itself.

#3 – Something new and possibly better will always come along

Amber has been through a huge journey in the villa this year and following Anton leaving Sunday night, was the only original Islander left in the final four couples. She struggled with her breakup with Michael and spent days having to watch him crack on with Joanna. However her luck changed when she got a text saying Greg was waiting on the hide away terrace! Now they have won the £50,000!

The moral of the story is, something better will always come along – if you have been rejected for a role you thought you were perfect for, don’t worry – it just means your one step closer to finding the right job for you!

Love Island 2019 when Amber first meets Greg on the hide away terrace

#4 – Laying it on factor 50 is not always the best idea

Previous to being coupled up with Belle, Anton didn’t have much luck with finding a romantic connection with the other girls, even though he ran around like a headless chicken making tea, coffee and toasties trying to win over the girls. Sometimes less is more, Anton!

Anton from Love Island 2019 speaking to someone on the fire pit

Anton has taught us that laying it on thick can sometimes push people away. So, if you’re waiting for a response from a hiring manager about the role you interviewed for a week ago, don’t spam them with phone calls every day asking for an update; maybe send them an email similar to the example below.


“Hello (hiring managers name),

It was a pleasure to meet with you last week, I enjoyed learning more about the (job title) position you have available.

I haven’t heard anything for a while so I thought I would drop you an email to see if you had made a decision or if you are still deciding.

If you require any further information from me please email me or call me on (your number).

Kindest regards

(Your name)”


Hopefully like us you’ve learnt something from the islanders this year. Remember, just because Love Island is over, doesn’t mean your job hunt is! So follow these top tips and you’ll be well on your way to finding the job that is 100% your type on paper.

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