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3 reasons why you’re not getting a response to your job applications

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3 reasons why you’re not getting a response to your job applications

In an ideal world, each application you send in would get an email or some form of contact from the hiring manager to let you know if you have been successful or unsuccessful. However, nowadays this is rarely the case.

Your confidence levels can be so fragile in the recruitment process so job seekers can quite easily jump to the worst conclusions when they don’t hear anything regarding their application. There can be a number of reasons as to why you’re not getting a response to your job applications and we are here to explain them for you, take a look…

#1 – The role was already filled

Sometimes we see adverts for companies on job boards such as Total Jobs or CV Library that may have kept the advert active for longer than the company actually wanted.

This means that even if the role has been filled or the company decide they don’t need to hire for that role any longer, some job boards will keep the advert on their websites available for job seekers to apply for, unless the company request it to expire. This is one of the most common reasons why the hiring manager has not got in contact with you.

#2 – The hiring manager was flooded with applications

As we all know, there can be hundreds of applications per job role that is advertised. This means that the hiring manager has to skim through each application until they find the most qualified candidates, which may mean that if you’re CV is hard to read, or the relevant bits are not clear, it may not pass their shortlisting process. Make sure you include a bespoke and personalised cover letter with your CV which highlights the key reasons you are suitable for the role. You could also make your CV stand out from the crowd… watch this space for our upcoming blog on Superstar CV’s!

#3 – You didn’t tailor your CV to the job role you have applied for

Today, many employers are using application tracking systems (ATS) to sort job applications. This software programs work by searching for certain keywords, which typically appear in the job posting. This is why you should be matching your application to the requirements stated on the advert.

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Okay, but what should I do now?

If you request feedback and still don’t get a reply, don’t hound the hiring manager. Move on. As much as it pains you to see that job slip from your grasp, know that there are plenty of other awesome opportunities out there.

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