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3 Ways to Cope with Shift Work in Healthcare

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3 ways to cope with shift work in Healthcare

Shift work is becoming more and more popular throughout the Healthcare industry. Although, this flexible approach to working can take its toll on some employees. It’s not easy stuff. It involves working against your body clock and your natural rhythm. However, it has to be done. So follow our top tips on how to cope!

#1 – Ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep between shifts is essential. You want to regulate your sleeping pattern as much as possible. Whilst you may not be sleeping at the same times each day/night, it is important to at least get the same amount (or close to). Ensure you are getting around 7/8 hours sleep!

lady getting the right amount of sleep

#2 – If you’re on a night shift – don’t eat a heavy meal before hand

Sometimes eating a full meal before having to go and do something puts you in that dreaded Food Coma that we can all only deal with after a big roast on a Sunday afternoon! Eating a full and heavy meal before going to work can unfortunately do this to you, making your feel tired and giving you fatigue – making you not actually want to work!

If you are hungry, try eating a lighter meal before your shift and ensure you are prepared with snacks and a meal for your breaks!

big meals

#3 – Try not to sit down for too long

Sitting down when you have an active job is not the best thing to do for too long. This is because it can make you feel deflated and sleepy. It’s best to be moving around and keeping active to stay awake.

If you are in a job where you’re sitting down for a majority of the day (like an office job) then it might be a good idea to get up and go for a 5 minute walk around the office or workspace to keep alert!

keeping active

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