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Job Search: 4 Ways to Deal with Rejection

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4 ways to deal with rejection whilst job searching

When searching for a job, most of the advice and support you receive focuses on the positive aspects of the process. However, very few people will warn you about the rejection and how to deal with it – this may be a good thing as it can be very difficult to pluck up the courage and put in the effort needed for job search!

With this in mind – here are our top 4 easy steps to dealing with rejection…

#1 – Ask for feedback!

Don’t let your disappointment get in the way of ensuring you get the constructive feedback you need in order to improve. If you’re working with a good hiring manager then gaining feedback should be simple and easy!

If you’re struggling with how to form your request for feedback, here is a sample we have whipped up for you to use…

“Dear (Hiring Manager Name)

Thank you for getting back to me about your decision and for keeping me in the loop. While I am obviously disappointed to hear that I was not chosen for the (Job Title) position, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have had an interview for the role and meet some of the members of your team. I really enjoyed learning about your company and would love to keep in touch for any future vacancies.

If you have a moment, I would be interested in gaining any feedback you have regarding my application and interview. I’m sure anything you can provide will be helpful for my job search!

Thank you again for your time and consideration. I wish you and the rest of the team all the best moving forward.


(Your Name)”

#2 – Would YOU hire you?

Try asking yourself “would I hire me?” This is a good idea and way to address the circumstances you are in and evaluate whether you are employable amongst hundreds of other applicants going for the same role! If your answer is no, think about what you can change in order for the hiring manager's answer to be yes!

#3 – Gain a little perspective

 Job rejections are normal. They happen to almost all job seekers and being rejected just means that you are one step closer to getting the job that is right for you. You shouldn’t be concerned about the rejections and not being the perfect fit, it happens. In fact, on average, you apply for 12 jobs even before being accepted for an interview! So don’t sweat it!

#4 – Change up your job searching strategy

Have you hit a brick wall in your job search? Do you want to change up your technique? Here are the kinds of things you could change in order to improve:

·        Lowering your salary expectations

·        Widening your commuting area

·        Revamping your CV/cover letter

·        Join local/professional groups

·        Attend networking events

Dealing with rejection will always be hard, but hopefully, with these top tips, you will get through it and stay motivated in your job search process. For tips on how to stay motivated during your job search, click here.

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