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5 signs it’s time to leave your job

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5 signs it’s time to leave your job

Everyone has bad days at work, it’s normal! What is not normal is to be having more negative days than positive. But how do you know when to bite the bullet and hand in your notice? Take a look at our top tips to knowing when to resign…

#1 – You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning

Whilst it’s very common to go through periods in your life where you feel miserable in your role, it should not be a daily occurrence.

Staying in a role you find un-motivating and uninspiring will slowly eat away at your mental health and self-worth. When you feel like this – it is a strong sign that it’s time for you to resign.

#2 - It’s taken its toll on your health

Can you see your sick days adding up? Are you taking as much time off as humanly possible? Is this because you’re working so many hours that you don’t have any ‘you’ time? No job is worth sacrificing your mental and physical health for. So if you’re noticing that you’re feeling run down or ill a lot of the time, you should take a look at your situation at work.

#3 – The work environment is negative/toxic

If your co-workers and/or boss is constantly complaining and is unhappy, the probability of you being content is extremely low. A negative atmosphere can even kill the passion you have for the industry you love. If you find yourself in this environment – get out as soon as possible!

#4 – You vent about your job way too much

Have a think about your most common conversations. Do you feel yourself constantly complaining about your work load, your colleagues or your workplace? A job should be giving you more positivity than negativity, and if it isn’t then you need to decide whether you want to stay or find somewhere more suited to your character.

#5 – There’s no room for progression

There is no point in wasting your time in a job trying to prove yourself and work your way up when there is simply no possibility of it happening. If you’re asking about promotions and nothing is coming of it – it might be time to move on.

Do any of these ring a bell? If they do, it is a strong sign that you need to leave your job and find one more suited to your personality and skill set.

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