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Would You Make a Good Healthcare Assistant?

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Would you make a good Healthcare Assistant?

Healthcare Assistants are our day-to-day heroes. They have such a demanding but rewarding job that requires a diverse range of qualities. A Health care Assistant needs to be an equal mixture of soft and strong. Capable of empathy but strong enough to handle traumatic situations!

This is why it requires a special type of person to become a Healthcare Assistant. Here are some of the top 5 qualities you will need:

#1 – Passion

This is possibly the most important quality that a Healthcare Assistant should have. Whilst skills and training are essential – it is the passion that a Healthcare Assistant has that truly makes all the difference to the service user’s life!

#2 – Dedication

Dedication is also paramount in the Healthcare industry. You are responsible for a vulnerable individual’s well being, so the role is not something that can be done half-heartedly.

#3 – Communication

Healthcare Assistants commonly interact with individuals from different backgrounds with different health issues. These health issues may affect their ability to communicate well. So, your ability to speak clearly and to listen effectively is paramount.

#4 – Reliability

For many service users – Healthcare Assistants are their second brain. The majority of carers are responsible for ensuring their client eats, drinks take their medication (if required) and make their appointments. If these are not met, the outcome could be dramatic. So Healthcare Assistants need to be reliable for the sake of the service user’s health.

#5 – Patience

Anyone who has spent time with an older person will know that even the simplest of tasks can take a lot longer. This is where you need to be patient with them and understanding. It is essential.

If you’re reading this and thinking you have all these qualities and you want to pursue your career as a Healthcare Assistant. 

Then, take a look here to see what vacancies we have available here at Swanstaff. Or simply fill the form given below and we will be in touch soon.

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