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How to prepare for your upcoming CQC visit

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How to prepare for your upcoming CQC visit

An unexpected inspection from CQC can be a daunting experience for all who receives them. To ensure that the visit goes as smooth and well as possible, you need to set aside time to prepare for what will actually happen when the day arrives. If you follow our 5 top tips to preparing for a CQC inspection, you’ll be ready and set to go!

#1 – Prepare your staff

A huge part of meeting the inspector’s requirements and impressing them will be to really prepare your staff. The best way to do this is to explain what the CQC is and why the inspection is so important to the organisation producing high quality care. Also explain to your staff what kinds of questions could be asked so that they can prepare for them. This will help them to feel more confident and less likely to feel under pressure and on the spot.

#2 – Prepare your patients

Your patients are the biggest assets to your organisation and the CQC inspector will want to speak with them to get their views on the organisation and how it is run. You want the patients to give their honest opinion so instead of preparing them in regards to the answers their going to give, just let them know that they may be asked a couple of questions and maybe give them an example of the kinds of questions.

Patient feedback is essential in any Health and Social care setting, you want to be providing the best care possible so you need to know what is working for your patients and what can be improved!

#3 – Plan the day in advance

Make a timetable for the day of the inspection so you and your staff know exactly what to do and when. You could also prepare a welcome pack that outlines the key members of staff that the inspector(s) may wish to speak to. This could include the staff member’s name, their job title and a picture of them.

#4 – Gather all the correct and relevant information

There could be a vast amount of paperwork and documentation that the CQC inspector could ask for. This could include; policies, HR records, patient information and Health and Safety documents. Remember to include minutes of meetings where these topics may have been discussed.

#5 – Don’t over think it

The CQC inspector will just want to see how the organisation operates on a day to day basis, in its normal manor. So there’s no need to roll out the red carpet and bubbly just yet! Just remember to remain calm and treat it the same as any other day.

If you follow our top tips then we have no doubt you will be completely prepared for your CQC Inspection! Remember, stay calm and act normal!