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Sales calls: Top tips

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Sales calls: Top tips

No one ‘has the time’ to listen to sales people, right? Your prospects tend to be ‘stuck in a meeting’ or are ‘currently unavailable’. Which can make your sales based job very difficult and frustrating at times. So how can you break the stigma around sales calls (and sales people in general) so that your clients make the time to hear what you have to say? Read on to hear our top tips…


Tip #1 – Always start off positive

Whether it’s a meeting or a call, never start off by talking or moaning about negative things such as bad weather, traffic or how busy you are. This sets the tone for the rest of the meeting – think positive – talk about good weather, upcoming weekend plans and other positive things happening in life. This will kick off your sales call in the right direction!

Remember, before you speak to your prospect – most of the time the call will start off with a gate keeper – if you’re negative or rude to them, it is likely that they will not even put you through to the person you want to speak to. This completely eliminates your shot before you’ve even taken it. Make the gatekeeper your new bestie!

Tip #2 - Use positive labels

Assigning positive labels generally makes people try and live up to them. Try saying things like…

“You’re one of the best clients we have!”

“You’re such a pleasure to do business with”

Having received these compliments, clients will most likely try and be your best customer and/or even try harder to be a pleasing client.

Tip #3 – Set the agenda and stay in control

Before picking up the phone, you should have notes in front of you on the things you want to talk about and in what order you are going to speak about them in. This is good to do otherwise you may side track from the topic and end up going back and forth which seems unorganised and unfocused.

Stay in control of the calling process by saying something along the lines of:

“I’d like to go over X,Y and Z with you and then I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, does that sound good to you?”

Tip #4 – Simplify options

Giving a client too many options at once can over whelm them and maybe even cause them to reconsider working with you if you overload them with information. Try and make the sales process for your client as simple as possible and do anything you can to help them with it. They will appreciate this and may even refer other businesses to you.

Simplifying your client’s options will also make them come to a decision quicker. Only when the threat of rejection occurs should you present counter options.

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