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The top 4 interview mistakes and how to avoid them

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Anyone who has been in the job searching process for a while will know that being invited to a job interview is not something that is easily achieved. Being one of the few candidates chosen for an interview rather than being in the huge crowd of applicants is a huge success and something to be proud of.

Unfortunately, too many job seekers blow their shot by not being prepared, uninterested or even having negative body language – wasting everyone’s time and effort. To avoid this – we have put together the top 4 mistakes that are made in interviews and how they can be avoided.

Mistake #1: Being unprepared

An interviewer can always tell when a candidate is unprepared, always. It is one of the biggest opportunity blowers.

How to avoid:

Be prepared! Look up the company and memorise a few facts to take to the interview, such as how long the company has been running and any awards they may have won.

You should also analyse the job description and make notes on how your skills match up to their requirements to talk about in your interview. It’s also good to look up some standard interview questions and start preparing your answers. Also, check out our blog 10 unique interview questions that are fun to ask and prepare yourself for some of the less conventional questions too!

Researching into your potential employer can also score you brownie points. Hopefully you know the name(s) of your interviewer(s), so search them on LinkedIn and look at their page to find out how long they’ve worked there or any promotions they may have had. (Top tip – you can use their promotion experience if you’re asked the famous “where do you see yourself in two years” question!)

Mistake #2: Appearing uninterested

This will drive the hiring manager insane. Even though it can be hard to know that the job is for you just by looking at the description – but even if you’re in the interview thinking “this isn’t for me” still act interested – it’s polite. You can always call the interviewer after the interview and explain why you’re not interested.

How to avoid:

Demonstrate your interest in the company and the role by knowing what you’re talking about. Actually have a conversation with the interviewer instead of just answering questions back and forth.

Also, turn off your phone. This is so that there won’t be any awkward “sorry, I’ll just switch that off” or “sorry, I just need to take this quickly” (this one is a massive no no!) Your sole attention should be on the interview.

You should also ask questions – but not ones that could be answered by looking at their website or a google search.

Mistake #3: Having negative body language

You should always greet your interviewer with a smile, a firm handshake, eye contact and confidence. If you don’t at least greet your interviewer with a smile it is an instant sign that you’re too bothered and therefore set the tone of a bad interview. This can also set the first impression as negative – and first impressions are impossible to get back, and hard to bounce back from. You want to make a good impression to prove you are right for the role and the company. Click here to check out our blog how to make a good first impression.

How to avoid:

Always ensure you greet with a smile, a clear “Hello” and a firm handshake. Act like you are so happy to meet this person. Don’t slouch in the chair, sit up and answer all their questions.

Mistake #4: Don’t share too much information

People can sometimes have a ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth’ mind-set when it comes to interviews. Some people bad mouth previous employer, some people tell their whole life story – which is not something that the interviewer wants to hear. If they want to know something, they will ask.

How to avoid:

Answer the interviewers question, you can elaborate but keep it relevant and on topic. Don’t talk about anything inappropriate.

We all know someone who has blown their interview by doing at least one of these things! Now we have straightened things out, hopefully you won’t follow their lead.

For more top tips check out our blog 5 things you should never do in an interview.