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How your attitude can improve your career prospects

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How your attitude can improve your career prospects

So, you’ve learnt how to ace an interview, the biggest interview mistakes and how to avoid them and how to impress on your first day. Now, it’s about time we taught you how to keep progressing in your job after you’ve been hired… and it’s all about your attitude.

#1 – Do your job well

So, this one is a bit of a given but if you’re satisfied in your role and enjoy going to work – it does reflect in the work that you produce. A positive attitude is vital! If you do not enjoy your job – your work reflects how you feel towards it. So find the positives in your job role and you will be much happier.

If the case is that you don’t enjoy your job, then you need to think about sitting down with your manager and discussing your issues to see if anything can be done to support you – leaving the company should be the last resort.

#2 – Form a relationship with your boss

Forming a relationship with your boss (and other members of your team) is really important. You spend 5 (sometimes more) days a week with them so it would make your working life more enjoyable if you did have a good relationship with them. Due to this making your working life better – you will enjoy going to work more and then in turn, produce good work.

#3 – Become a company person

Put in the hours to show that your job is a priority to you. Make it clear that the company’s goals are also your goals. Be prepared to occasionally arrive early, stay late and always work hard during your standard working hours. Show that you are willing to give up some of your personal time to meet the company’s requirements and ensure the company is where it needs to be, this could also include taking time to socialise outside of work with colleagues – a great way to build bonds and strengthen your ties with a company.

#4 – Volunteer for new projects

Putting yourself forward for new projects or completing tasks usually done by other people will show that you care about the business as a whole and not just your individual role. Even if your work load gets bigger, more intense and more time consuming, it will more than likely secure your place in the company in the long run and being proactive is a great way to boost career prospects, develop new skills and put your stamp on things!

#5 – Don’t grab the lime light

Whilst it’s important for your boss to recognise that you’re doing great work and doing well – you don’t want to be seen as an attention grabber. It’s okay to celebrate your achievements, but just be sure to do the same when it happens to others.

Most people will come across times when they have to maximize their efforts to protect and keep their jobs or to be successful in securing a promotion. By following our advice, you’ll learn how to progress your career and be rewarded.