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Recruiting Tips: 4 ways to shortlist candidates

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Recruiting Tips: 4 ways to shortlist candidates

So, you have perfected the job advert, you’ve sent it out and now you have stacks of applications to go through since the closing date has been and gone. The next step is to shortlist those applications so that you have a strong group of candidates to choose from.

In order to shortlist your stack of applications efficiently – there are a number of things you should take into account…

Recruiting Tips: 4 ways to shortlist candidates

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These steps will help you to get closer to finding your best matched candidate and speed up the hiring process.  They will give you greater confidence in your hiring decision too.

So to recap…

  1. Decide how many candidates you want to Interview
  2. Identify the essential and desirable skills, candidates should match all of the essential skills and as many desirable skills as possible.
  3. Consider further screening tests to see if candidates meet your requirements
  4. When it comes to weeding out the BEST candidates you need to scrutinise applications  and look for attention to detail, how well have candidates understood the requirements of the role and how much effort have they put into their application?

Don’t forget to follow up with the applicants that have unfortunately been unsuccessful. Even if it’s just a quick email, with a short reason why they haven’t been successful. This can be vital in securing their trust and engagement for future roles, for those that were close to the mark but not quite right for this specific role it is worth building a talent pool – don’t forget to ask the candidate if it is ok to hold onto their details for future opportunities.

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