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WOW Week at Swanstaff Recruitment.

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WOW Week at Swanstaff Recruitment.

Here at Swanstaff Recruitment, we held our 4th annual Wellbeing Week (or WOW Week as we like to call it). As always it was a week that was jam packed with laughter, fitness, relaxation, mental health awareness and healthy eating! It couldn’t have gone better, take a look for yourself…

Day one

We kick started the week with our infamous laughter day.  What better way to start off Monday than with a pun competition centred around fruit! This was carried out over email so that the whole company could get involved. The winner received 2 free comedy tickets – after all, laughter is the best medicine. This day was aimed to fill Head Office and the branches with nothing but laughter!

We also asked all team members to nominate who they think is the funniest person in Head Office and the branches. This was a great way for people to feel appreciated in Head Office and the branches.

Day two

Day two was fitness day. We challenged our Swans to see how long they could wall sit for (the winning time was 2 minutes 47 seconds) and we challenged our consultants to see how long they could squat for whilst holding a sales call. Throughout the day we sent out the top fitness apps, free online workouts and wellness classes. This encouraged our Swans to be more active, and it was also good team building as teams were cheering each other on during the challenges.

Swanstaff team completing wallsits for WOW weekSwanstaff team completing Squat sales calls for WOW week

Day three

Relaxation day. This was arguably one of our favourite days throughout the company. We challenged our Swans to complete some mindful activities such as mindful breathing, listening, appreciation and moving. We also sent out mindful and relaxation apps that our teams could make use of. At Head Office, we kitted out our library room with calming music, put the fire on and laid out bean bags so that our Swans could relax on their breaks.

Swanstaff team member relaxing in the relaxation room for WOW week

Day four

The fourth day of Wellbeing Week was focused around Mental Health.  We used the day to reflect on our stress levels and what causes our stress levels to rise. We sent out a weekly wellbeing check-up guide for our Swans to use – it includes coping strategies and ways to drain their stress away!

Day five

On the last day of Wellbeing Week – we hosted a pot luck picnic. We asked every member of staff to bring in an item of picnic food. We had so much nice food and our Swans said how nice it was to all eat lunch together and do something different! We also sent out our top tips for healthy eating!

Swanstaff had a Pot Luck Picnic for WOW week

Well, that’s a wrap for this year. Until 2020, Wellbeing Week. We can’t wait to see what we plan for next year!